What fees do you charge?

We offer very straightforward fees.

Sellers pay no fees unless you use our premium services.

Buyers pay a fixed fee, agreed at the outset, if a deal occurs. No deal, no fee.

And that’s it.

Further Details

Our buyer fees tend to range from around £5k plus VAT up to £10k plus VAT, depending on the size of the firm for sale and the perceived complexity and involvement for us in any deal. We never change the fee once it has been agreed at the outset, even if the deal takes months to conclude.

Sellers pay no fees to list their firm for sale and we do not charge any fees to assist with negotiations, discussions, advice on strategy, verbal valuations or provide information. We do however provide premium seller services – Gold and Platinum – which include a wide range of additional services for sellers on top of our standard list and sell service. Details of our seller services are here.

Buyers pay nothing to access our information services online, assistance with negotiations, strategy advice, discussions and anything else we can assist with. We do of course charge a fee if a deal takes place (or you recruit staff from the target firm). List of firms for sale available here.

We provide paid formal law firm valuations and law firm & accountancy practice due diligence services separately from our broker service. These are available to anyone – whether you looking to purchase or sell a firm or simply take on a new partner or raise capital. Click here for details.