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Thank you for your report – most enlightening ! N, Law Firm Owner, April 2023

Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers provide law & accountancy firm valuation, exit strategy and retirement advice services to solicitors, accountants and owners of law & accountancy firms and legal/finance businesses. We have been working with the legal profession in law firm recruitment, mergers & acquisitions for over 20 years. There are usually at least 50 law firms, legal & lawtech businesses & accountancy firms for sale and we update our online list regularly. We can also assist with accountancy practice valuations.

Thank you for your report … most illuminating and giving much food for thought. H, Partner in Law Firm, July 2022

What valuation services do you offer?

We can provide a formal report prepared on a bespoke basis depending on the firm, the purpose for the report and the complexity of the entity being valued or reviewed. The report will give our opinion as to the open market value of a firm and provide details of any recently concluded deals of a similar size and type. It will also include suggested strategies for exiting the business, which are always tailored to particular circumstances.

Thank you for this excellent report – huge amount to take in, but excellent thank you. L, Partner of law firm, April 2022

Who do we provide valuation services to?

Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers provide valuation services to solicitors’ firms of all sizes and varieties, ranging from non-trading entities through to large international practices. This includes SRA regulated sole practitioners, SRA regulated LLPs, SRA regulated limited companies, ABS law firms, CLC regulated law firms and CILEX regulated law firms. We also assist with valuations of all types of accountancy practice, whether ACCA/ACA regulated or not.

Much appreciated. Look forward to working with you again. E, Accountant advising a solicitors’ firm, March 2022.

What are the benefits of a valuation report?

  • Get an idea of the value of your firm.
  • Formulate a proposal for the sale of your firm.
  • Make decisions on firm purchases and sales.
  • Take appropriate decisions on exit strategies, retirement and succession planning.
  • Make decisions on internal ownership and structural changes.
  • Get your firm ready for sale and be ready to proceed.
  • Make sure you have the full picture about the firm you are planning to buy.

Thank you very much for your [report] and for your time yesterday – it was most helpful indeed, and has given us plenty to think about! L, Law Firm Partner (standard valuation report plus complimentary partners’ meeting attendance) April 2022.

What do I need to do?

In the first instance contact us for a preliminary discussion or complete the form below to request a price. We are always happy to have an initial chat to give you rough ideas on value and sale prices. If you want to progress to a formal valuation we will provide you with a quotation based on your specific requirements.

Morning Jonathan, thank you for your email. [The valuation report] is very useful indeed. As you know I .. wanted this for general information/guidance at the moment and to help me to plan moving forward. M, Solicitors Firm Owner (standard valuation report), July 2022.

What does a valuation entail?

We will usually request a range of documents and detail from you initially and then follow this up with a further set of supplementary questions. Our full valuations will include examples of relevant recent deals and their structures as well as our suggestions for increasing your sale price and ability to sell.

Many thanks for the detailed report. M, Law firm owner, April 2022

What is the cost of a valuation?

Prices vary according to your requirements. Request a quote by completing the brief form here – we aim to respond within 60 minutes by email during office hours.

Hi Jonathan, thank you for your thorough and thought provoking report. It has given me plenty to ponder. I, Law Firm Owner, July 2023

How long will it take?

It really depends on the firm in question and the work involved. However it will usually take between 48 hours and three weeks.

Thank you for your time earlier and your report. The professional conclusions you have reached echo my gut feeling. Thank you for the opportunity to come back to ask further questions if necessary. C, Law Firm Partner, April 2023

Will the valuation reflect the price I will get from a sale?

It really depends on a huge range of factors, but the main point is that you will have an idea as to what the practice is worth potentially.

How do I request a quote for a valuation?

Complete the form below or contact us by email, phone or post.

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