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Buyers Database

This is a selection from our database of potential buyers, updated weekly. We have over 300 registered potential law firm buyers, some of whom are after low value firms and others looking to acquire larger sized practices. To make enquiries simply email us the reference number to, call 01824 780937 or click here to contact us online.

400383NW London solicitors' firm looking to expand through acquisition. Will require seller to remain in business for 1-3 years. Greater London and Home Counties considered.
400382Medium sized law firm with £4 million turnover looking to acquire residential and commercial conveyancing firms as well as construction and regeneration. Teams or firms sought.
400381Solicitor looking to set up on his own in the Surrey area. Seeking a limited company or sole trader, Surrey location or nearby, some element of private client essential, ideally no staff, no rush.
400380Large litigation firm looking to move into conveyancing and seek to purchase a firm with existing lender panel and CQS accreditation.
400379Investment company looking to purchase law firms in the range of £750k-£2 million.
400378Conveyancing company looking to take over a conveyancing firm with CQS and lender panel status. North West or South East England locations preferred.
400377South Coast firm seeking to buy a small conveyancing firm - location not important. CQS and panel membership very important.
400376Stoke firm looking to purchase law firms in and around North Staffordshire and also South Devon.
400375Hampshire based buyer looking to invest in a law firm. Looking to expand a practice into a specialist sector - looking to spend up to c£100k.
400374Buyer looking to purchase a solicitors firm around Harrow. CQS accredited ideally, but low investment level of £40-50k may necessitate other options.
400373Individual investors looking to purchase a law firm for conveyancing work - looking to spend up to £90k.
400372Law firm based in the North West looking specifically to purchase a commercial debt recovery and litigation law firm. Specialist firm sought.
400371London specialist property and construction law firm looking to acquire smaller practices interested in bolting on with a view to expansion.
400370South coast firm looking at potential acquisitions and mergers around the Hampshire area.
400369East Midlands law firm looking to take a partner to join in the development of the practice or to merge/buy other firms with a view to expansion.
400368Cypriot individual looking to purchase a London law firm. £150-250k to spend.
400366Surrey based in house solicitor looking to purchase a practice with lender panel status.
400365Sheffield based solicitor with own following looking to acquire a conveyancing firm with panel membership.
400364National company looking to acquire a number of law firms across the UK - smaller sized.
400363Birmingham law firm looking to purchase family law firms. Legal aid work welcomed. Larger sized company.
400362Looking to purchase a practice in order to do conveyancing work so after a firm with conveyancing panel membership. Any address fine.
400361Larger sized investment company looking for law firms closing down or looking to sell, particularly with some evidence of wills & probate work. Small or large considered.
400360Solicitor in Liverpool looking to set up own law firm. Family and/or PI sought.
400359Belfast company looking to purchase a law firm in the Greater Belfast area. Aiming at £100k max cash purchase.
400358Lawtech company looking to purchase a conveyancing practice. Open to a range of options.
400357Glasgow firm looking to purchase an Irish law firm. Smaller sized and Dublin area preferred.
400353Law firm looking to purchase a practice with a criminal legal aid contract. London and surrounds preferred but flexible.
400352Law firm looking to purchase another law practice dealing with company commercial, commercial property, mergers or commercial litigation.
400352Law firm looking to purchase another law practice dealing with company commercial, commercial property, mergers or commercial litigation.
400351Company looking to purchase a solicitors firm in the Staffordshire area. Conveyancing bias ideally.
400350Start up solicitors' firm looking for a property equity partner to join them. They have their PII quote and are ready to go but want to get a property lawyer involved as well. They have existing ongoing work coming from a London bank.
400345Larger sized expanding virtual law firm looking for smaller firms to bolt on or merge with.
400344Solicitors firm looking to purchase firms able to provide them with expansion into areas of practice they are weak in. £50k cash max.
400343Solicitor based in Ireland specifically interested in practices for sale around Dublin.
400341Solicitor looking to invest in a conveyancing practice and take a percentage share in the business.
400337Buyer looking to purchase legal aid firms across the country.
400336Hong Kong lawyer looking to purchase a firm for an offshore client. Must be able to convert to an ABS or already be one.
400333Crime firm dealing with privately funded crime work looking to purchase a law firm with a criminal legal aid contract. Location not important.
400326Legal practice seeking to purchase a conveyancing firm. Location not as important as the need to be already on panels.
400325Derby based solicitor looking to purchase a local firm. Conveyancing caseload important.
400323Solicitor looking to purchase a general practice solicitors' firm in London, North West or North East. Up to £100k.
400322Individual looking to purchase an ABS ideally - shell preferred.
400320Mortgage company looking to acquire a law firm - conveyancing and wills & probate - based in the Surrey area ideally but will consider further afield.
400319Business Acquisition company looking to purchase law firms. Particularly interested in firms with management teams remaining in place. Aiming to build their own law firm network.
400318Solicitors' firm looking to acquire firms specifically in Carmarthen and Worcester. Any size or type considered.
400316Small London firm looking to expand by taking over and merging with other firms in Greater London.
400315Company looking to invest in law firms in Surrey. They have a solicitor to work with and seek to purchase practices up to £500k in value.
400314London law firm looking to purchase law firms with a specific niche - insurance company connections or defendant PI firms of particular interest. £1-£250k available.
400313Crime solicitor looking to purchase a law firm with a crime contract in place. Finance in place and ready to go.
400312Finance company looking to purchase the WIP of personal injury firms.
400305Law firm based in West Yorkshire looking to purchase practices for £1 - they think this may be of interest to retiring partners who do not want to pay run off cover.
400304Individual looking to buy a practice in order to develop it in the North East. Conveyancing ideal as he has strong links to developer clients.
400303Solicitor looking to purchase a practice either in South Wales or relocatable to South Wales. Interested in shells or trading firms.
400295Cardiff law firm looking to acquire practices in the area - private client, family, property, crime and litigation.
400287Looking to buy a will bank around the East Midlands or Greater Manchester and surroundings areas
400284Australian firm with UK sub-division looking to buy a small 2-5 person independent law firm either regulated by the SRA or the CLC. Budget is around £50,000 with a time frame within the next six months. Their business currently includes online estate agency services in London and an interest in an online settlement services in Australia.
400282Solicitors firm based in the Bristol and Somerset areas looking to purchase other law firms in the area to expand. High street firms with an established presence ideally.
400279Looking to buy a solicitors practice in London (small to medium size) or its surrounds within M25 area. Do not intend to merge initially and will share with the selling partners who are welcome to stay as consultants or employees.
400264Sole practitioner based in North London looking to take over other practices to expand.
400263Manchester company looking to take over a law firm. £50k cash maximum.
400260Central London practice looking to purchase litigation firms. Types of work sought: Commercial and Civil, Landlord and Tenant, Debt Collection, Matrimonial, Company, Probate, Medical Law etc.
400259Manchester firm are looking to acquire a conveyancing law firm with all major lenders panel memberships, CQS and good CRM systems already in place.
400251Law firm in Manchester looking to take over a conveyancing firm with a view to expanding into the area of law.
400250Consortium of 3 solicitors looking to take over a law firm and move their own clients into it. Location and work type not important. Happy for a principal to remain in the business if wanted but not wanting to take any staff on. Looking to move very quickly. Max of £60k for purchase available.
400249PI Solicitor looking to take on a non-distressed law firm, ideally a PI firm, with a view to developing practice. Up to £1 million investment possible.
400248Birmingham firm of smaller size looking to make a purchase of another practice in the West Midlands
400246Yorkshire firm looking to expand by taking over smaller firms in various locations.
400245North West legal brand seeking small practices wanting to merge and trade under one brand. Will involve providing support. Options for fee sharing or consultancy for existing firms. Less of a purchaser of course!
400241Solicitors firm based in Leeds looking to make national acquisitions up to a total value of £2 million.
400240Staffordshire law firm with crime specialism interested in looking at options to purchase other practices in the area.
400239West Midlands firm with fairly substantial sums looking to purchase a small law firm in the Wolverhampton area. Requirement for the firm to have a will bank. Private client, family and conveyancing firm sought ideally. Happy to consider a retirement transfer or an outright sale.
400237Investor looking to purchase conveyancing firms in the North East - Tyne & Wear of particular interest.
400236Individual seeking to buy a small high street firm. Would prefer a practice with the seller planning to remain in situ. Likely spend up to £100k.
400235Sole practitioner looking to acquire law firms - smaller practices - for bolt on to expand. Currently deals with family, wills and civil litigation. All high street areas considered.
400233Solicitors firm looking for firms in the North West who want to either sell up or close down departments/offload books of work who operate in any or all of the following areas: Personal Injury, Private client (Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection), Family law (not legal aid), Motoring offence (private paying), Employment law (tribunal work), Civil litigation, Commercial litigation and Immigration.
400211Cardiff and Bristol firm interested in making acquisitions around South Wales and the South West.
400210North London firm looking at opportunities for acqusition in the local area. NW and N London postcodes plus Middlesex. Firms with an immigration caseload particularly of interest.
400208Large national company with reputation for purchasing mid-size high street law firms, looking at opportunities around the North West and further afield.
400196Sole practitioner looking to acquire law firms - smaller practices - for bolt on to expand. Currently deals with family, wills and civil litigation. All high street areas considered.
400195Two professionals, one a solicitor the other an accountant, are looking to purchase a law firm in the Midlands, South East, North West or Oxfordshire. They are interested in practices for crime, family, civil litigation or immigration. Quite interested in LAA funded firms. One purchaser is an accredited supervisor for immigration.
400194Essex firm, rapidly expanding, looking for potential acquisitions and mergers to further increase their size and location.
400192Devon firm looking to expand by bolting on other small practices. This is a sole practitioner. Anywhere in UK considered.
400188High street firm looking at acqusitions in the South Wales area around Cardiff and the Valleys.
400180Portsmouth firm interested in purchasing high street firms in the area.
400178Manchester solicitors firm interested in purchasing other local practices.
400177West Yorkshire solicitors firm interested in law firms for sale in the locality.
400176Solicitors firm looking at acquisitions in the South East and South Coast areas.
400175Looking at a law firm for sale in Manchester.
400174Looking to purchase in the Harrow or Brent areas. Price flexible.
400165Large multi office practice interested in looking at Greater London firms for sale - Home Counties included.
400162Essex firm looking at options in the area.
400161Birmingham firm looking at acquisitions around the Midlands - all areas considered. This is a rapidly growing firm.
400159North East firm sought - ideally around Durham. Conveyancing, wills, family, litigation, LAA contracts welcome. High street but all sizes considered. May be investment partners coming in to fund the deal.
400156South Wales Valleys firm interested in acquiring additional branch offices in the area.
400155London law firm of medium size looking for consultants and law firms for sale/merger in the area
400153Looking to purchase an SRA regulated firm without clients.
400152Individual looking to purchase a shell solicitors firm or small practice. Greater London area.
400151Manchester solicitors firm looking to purchase conveyancing, litigation and PI firms in and around the North West. Aiming at Conveyancing firms on the Halifax panel or smaller sized litigation or personal injury practices. Large firm with funding in place.
400150Buyer looking to buy an existing law firm in the London area. Legal aid contract firms particularly sought.
400149Sole practitioner looking to expand. Interested in joining forces, merging or buying a practice.
400148Interested in small firms in Huddersfield, Manchester and surrounds
400147Law firm in the West Midlands interested in purchasing smaller law firms
400146Individual looking to purchase a Cayman Islands law firm.
400145Looking to purchase a law firm in Surrey, London or Home Counties. Ideally West London through to Berkshire. £100-200k. SRA regulated only.
400144Looking to purchase a law firm in Surrey, Sussex or the South Coast areas.
400143Buyer looking to purchase an immigration company in London. Prepared to go into partnership with an existing or new partner
400142Buyer looking for a firm without customers. SRA regulated.
400141Buyer looking to buy a solicitors firm and convert to ABS.
400140Purchaser looking for a law firm with solicitors to remain in place. London
400139Law firm interested in practice in North Wales.
400138Crime Solicitor Firm looking to purchase crime contracts, law firms or alternatively a firm in Newham.
400137Law firm interested in practices based in North Wales.
400136Law firm interested in practices based in North Wales.
400135Law firm interested in practices based in North Wales.
400134Law firm interested in practices based in North Wales.
400132Law firm in the Devon area with a history of purchasing smaller practices, looking to expand further.
400131Investor based in the West Midlands looking to add a property law firm to his existing portfolio of law firms. Must be on the lender panels.
400130Individual looking to set up a conveyancing law firm by purchasing an existing practice
400129Medium sized law firm in Cardiff looking to buy practices along the M4 and into London.
400128Solicitor looking to purchase a solicitors practice in the West Midlands to take over and run.
400127Claims Management company looking to purchase a personal injury law firm. Or alternatively a law firm who undertake some personal injury work.
400126Solicitor looking to buy a crime contract or a firm with an LAA crime contract who are looking to escape!
400125Investor looking to buy a law firm in West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside or Manchester. Personal injury, commercial, private client and property all considered. Looking at a TUPE arrangement or the owner staying on as a consultant.
400124Wanting to purchase a conveyancing practice in West Yorkshire
400123Wanting to purchase a conveyancing practice in West Yorkshire
400122Looking to purchase a small practice in run off to set up and do regulatory litigation.
400121Looking to purchase a conveyancing practice around London
400120Looking at a range of options - London and South East.
400119Crime firm with LAA contract sought.
400118Looking to purchase a crime firm - has a licence to set up a new practice
400117Looking at Lincolnshire firm for sale.
400116Interested in buying shell law firm. Qualified lawyer so firm does not need to be ABS. would prefer if the firm did not have property commitments and had a low turnover with matching price.
400115Ideally looking to acquire a small firm within the West Midlands area with a crime contract with or without a Duty Solicitor contract. All options considered including fee sharing with sole practitioner or partners wishing to remain for long term.
400114Large criminal practice in Kent looking to acquire any criminal firms in the Kent area Size not an issue
400113Looking to buy a law firm based in central London or Ilford, but any practice that can be moved to Central London or Ilford.
400112Financial Advisers looking to purchase will banks.
400111Small practice looking to purchase conveyancing firms in and around Cardiff and the M4 corridor to London
400110Looking to get details of any firms for sale in these geographical areas.
400109Investor looking to purchase immigration, litigation or conveyancing firms around London or Essex.
400108Two solicitors looking to buy or buy into a law firm in Bexleyheath, Medway, Sidcup or North Kent specifically with a good amount of wills & probate work.
400107Solicitors firm looking to expand into London and purchase conveyancing practices ideally in or around Tower Hamlets, Greenwich or Hackney. Other areas considered.
400106Looking to purchase a small law firm in the Midlands for his son.
400105Looking at law firms in and around London and offshore.
400104Looking for law firms generally for sale. Low level likely.
400103Looking to purchase a law firm in Glasgow, Scotland. Small practice sought that they can expand and for a partner or director to stay on.
400102looking to purchase a law firm with a crime contract with a view to relocating it to London in the longer term
400101Looking to purchase RTA WIP in particular serious injury work. Looking to buy law firms in the Lancashire/ Yorkshire in particular those that have a PI caseload. Also looking to set up an immigration department.